Arena Spring Schedule 2022

Photo courtesy of Barry Frankel

Subject to Change Due to Weather

  • April 10th Club Game
  • April 17th USPA Sherman Memorial Cup 3-6
  • April 24th Women’s Arena Club Challenge
  • May 1st USPA Arena Sportsmanship Cup 0-2
  • May 8th Club Game (Mothers Day)
  • May 15th USPA Arena Amateur Cup 0-3
  • May 22nd Oskie Rice Champagne Memorial Cup
  • May 30th Manduke Baldwin Memorial Invitational Cup
  • June 5th Von Tempsky Memorial Cup
  • June 12th USPA Delegates Cup 6-9
  • June 19th (Fathers Day) George Manoa Invitational Cup
  • June 26th (Season Finale) Jerry McGreggor Memorial- Jacaranda Cup
Maui Polo scrum